Entre les Sources


This farm is located in "Grandrupt de Bains", an idyllic village in the ‘Lage Vogezen', a region in the northeast of France, which is not very well-known by tourists.

Small farmer villages, with only a few inhabitants, scattered over the hills and hemmed by large broad-leaved woods, are characteristic for this area.  Lapping brooks, springs and lakes complement the picture. Unspoiled nature in an ocean of peace. Forests filled with alternation, and the secrets of Celts and Romans. Don’t be surprised if you spot a pack of deer, or foxes, or even wild boars or rare birds of prey.

Grandrupt de Bains, the village where we live, is an independent community, even though it has only 73 inhabitants. Most people work in agriculture. We would like to offer you our hospitality at our quiet farm, Entre les Sources.

Our farm is not excessively luxurious. We offer you a sound, clean and simple stay, with a lot of room for your personal wishes.