Chez Soi


'The Jura' a dream place, without any doubt!

Chez Soi

We live in the midst of quiet, ancient woods, alternatively livened up by dark and bright green fields and cheerfully rippling water.
On both sides of the valley, limestone rocks up to an altitude of 600 m.
You pass by both a lot of picturesque hamlets and short rapids and enter Ougney la Roche. A tiny sleeping village with 15 houses and an original bluestone washing place. Right at the end of the only village road, you can find our inn 'Chez Soi'. This former 18th century vineyard once united two basic ingredients from this region: “water and wine”.

Peace and recreation
Amidst a splendid environment 'Chez Soi' offers you peace and a warm atmosphere. Free to do whatever: read, laze, walk, swim in the river, canoe, golf, play chess, row, climb. There is enough room for privacy but also the opportunity to meet other guests.

Chez Soi

From 'Chez Soi' you can do a lot of walking tours; descriptions and walking maps are
available in the inn.

Places of interest
within 25 km:
1. caves
2. parks and gardens
3. look-outs
4. castles
5. Roman churches and abbeys
6. many picturesque villages
7. renaissance city Besançon
8. museums with diverse subjects, such as prehistory, costumes, Franche-Comté houses, cheese and wine, clocks, watches, modern and ancient art.

There are also a lot of sports facilities

For more information, check our info on the region.