About De Beeltenis


About De Beeltenis

De Beeltenis is a studio to create sculptures and paintings.

It is specialized in portait, monumental art and plastic art and it gives workshops and lessons in sculpting, drawing and painting in Holland, Belgium, France, Ireland and Bulgaria.



  • to give spatial form referring to the model
  • using the anatomy of the human body if necessary
Group size: 8 - 10 persons


  • to create plastic spatial forms in various materials
  • to build constructions
  • techniques in making casts
  • to cast in plaster, cement, resin (epoxy), granite etc.
  • technique in colouring the surface of the sculpture
  • to work on soap- stone and to cut in alabaster, serpentine, marble and limestone
Group size: 6 - 8 persons.


  • we use our observatios to create pictures
  • we will deal with the use of the materials, colour, proportions, light and dark, composition, perspective etc.

Group size: 8 - 15 persons.

The programme tunes into the individual wishes.

Studio De Beeltenis
Van Ketwich Verschuurlaan 102
9721 SW Groningen
telephone: +31 (0)50 54 20 739

Your teacher: Marianne J. Jansen

She graduated in 1984 at the A.B.K.-Minerva in Groningen in plastic spatial design, and also got a first degree in drawing.
Since1985, she teaches drawing, painting and sculpting, and since 1995 she does this in several European countries. Since 1987, she loses herself in movement and theater in The Netherlands, Italy and New York. She takes lessons, workshops and participates in projects.
The works of Marianne Jansen are displayed in several galleries in The Netherlands.
Marianne Jansen is mainly a sculptress. She values thought, feeling and vulnerability over beauty, clearness and shape. Her sculptures touch moments and capture memories. She combines the sculpting with drawing and painting in her lessons.

“In my lessons, it’s all about the working process and being plastically engaged. With the possibilities of the meterial, combined with the skills we have developed, we can shape what we want to create. The personal touch creates room for everyone to work out their very own ideas. As a result, the pieces of work created in the workshops are very diverse. Sculpting in clay and wax, cutting in ‘speksteen’ and making casts.”

Contacting De Beeltenis

Marianne J. Jansen
Van Ketwich Verschuurlaan 102
9721 SW Groningen
telefoon: +31 (0)50 542 0739

e-Mail  info@atelierdebeeltenis.nl